What is collagen?

Collagen is a composition of specific amino acids with a chemical structure similar to the collagen produced by the human body. It helps to improve the tone, elasticity and vitality of the epidermis, restoring its resistance and elasticity. As for the joints and tendons, in simple terms, it is the “glue” that helps keep the body compact.

Natural collagen is synthesized by the body and forms a chain of amino acids, in addition it represents the richest protein source of glycine. In addition, it is the most abundant source of protein in all structures of the human body. It is found in tendons, skin, eyes, ligaments, lungs, liver, arteries, nails, kidneys, hair, and placenta.

Yet, collagen generation does not stay steady throughout life. It reduces with our growth (from 25 years onwards), with later a reduction in muscle tone, a thinning of the articular cartilage, a brittleness of the nails and loss of skin tone. After the age of 40, women, but also men, see their collagen production rate decrease by about 1% per year. Hence the importance of a regular intake of collagen to ensure the proper functioning of all connective tissues read about SR9009.


What is the use of collagen for bodybuilding?

Collagen is not just an ingredient in beauty creams. It is above all an excellent binding agent for the body which serves to unify muscle tissue. Collagen is extracted from the skin of fish. It is more precisely described as collagen hydrolyzate, a fibrous macromolecule of the glycoprotein type. It acts as a support structure by fixing the cells together. So it provides strength and elasticity to the muscles.

Its consumption for the practice of muscle building exercises is highly recommended. It will work by providing peptides to strengthen joint ligaments, cartilage and tendons. This collagen improves the flexibility of the athlete’s joints and their bone mineral density. So it makes the build strong and flexible. For a person who regularly practices fitness exercises, collagen will avoid inflammatory states and tendonitis that could limit his movements.

Muscle training in general nowadays plays an essential part in the world of sports. Professional and beginner sportsmen have understood its importance and integrate it into their physical preparation. The process requires sustained work to force muscle development. The goal of bodybuilding is both functional and aesthetic, as it also participates in drawing a solid and imposing physique of the athlete.

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