Use These Drawer Rails On Your Drawer Slide Without Any Noise!

One of the most important parts of the wardrobe shelf is the quality of the slide rail or wheel used, although there are a variety of slides available in the market, there are three slides most commonly in demand such as the European style. European style comes in regular and Full Extension versions which are coated with epoxy-coated and use durable nylon wheels on each rail. The drawer rail is a full extension, the difference is that it can be pulled further than the regular version. Unlike the European style, there are also drawer rails made of steel or aluminium that use balls. The guide components move easily thanks to the strong metal balls located inside the profile, and this allows the drawer to be opened fully. Individual models extend more than 90 cm and withstand loads up to more than 40 kg. These are telescoopgeleiders who have the ball on every slide.

lineair geleiding

The Advantages Of Using This Type Of Rail Bearing

If you’re looking for a rail for your drawers, you can choose from a variety of styles and types at Chambrelan. There, you can see and compare the overall model and its usability. Besides, you can find telescoopgeleiders which are a type of rail bearing that has a small ball on the slide. The following are the advantages of this type of rail bearing:

  • This rail bearing has an affordable price because the materials used are not too many. Besides, this type of drawer rail is also a bit thin in design.
  • This rail bearing is made of premium material, so it has wear-resistant. Besides, the presence of the ball also does not affect the wear of the rail bearing material.
  • With the ball on the rail bearing, there is no more annoying noise or the sound of the rail bearing.
  • This type of rail is easy to attach to the side of the drawer. With single extension or full-extension, this rail bearing has a ball guide so it is very easy to install.

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