The Story Of The Movie Happens Across Two Timelines

For fans who love complicated movie plots with thrill and romance blended within them, this time loop Tamil romantic movie. Manmatha Leelai is guaranteed to impress them. This movie will stride you on an emotional ride with thrilling and comical sequences. Here, we present you with a detailed story of the movie.

The plot revolves around Sathya, who is shown to be a woman predator that skilfully traps the woman and gets what he wants.

Story Of Manmatha Leelai:

The story of Manmatha Leelai is intervened between the two time periods-2010, 2020. It revolves around Sathya, a college student who falls in love with Poorani while chatting on Orkut. Soon, Sathya invited himself to Poorani’s home, and things started getting intimate between them, and they landed up having sex. He later learns that Poorni tricked him and she has a husband.

 Cut to 2020, Sathya has become a renowned fashion designer and invites Leela Suman to his house. However, she landed when Sathya’s wife goes to her parent’s home with his daughter; he finds it a perfect opportunity to get engrossed with her and later finds out that Leela had intentionally planned one night stand with her him with the mal-intention of blackmailing him. But despite all this, the character remains undeterred.

The Story Of The Movie Happens Across Two Timelines

Both scenes happened during a rainy night.

The film reaches the interval wherein a new character is introduced, Madan, who tweaks the protagonist with his mastermind to expose him if he doesn’t pay a ransom. What happens next? Watch this new Tamil movie online to get the answer.

This Tamil romantic movie takes various turns and twists and becomes complex as it progresses. It becomes larger than life and keeps you hooked to the screen because we later know that Sathya is a cold-blooded serial murderer who killed Poorni in 2010 and Leela in 2020 and ordered Madan to bury her body.

The director has tried to pull off the movie with great zeal and energy.

Bottom Line

If you like watching romantic movies with a twist, Manmattha Leelai is the best pick. It will show you how one wrong decision can change your life. The movie has various life-changing movements that will make you laugh, cry and be emotional.

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