Potential of Fullerene Extract Oil

Fullerene C60 is comparatively new, but studies showed the results highly profound that the people think that they’re fraudulent. Fullerene Extract C60 oil has totally increased the life period of the rats & displayed antioxidant effects. But, it might induce DNA mutations.

What’s C60?

Buckyballs, buckminsterfullerene, or C60 is the powerful antioxidant, which has got the effects on the unsaturated fats. This removes superoxide that is the toxic by-product for cellular metabolism, which contributes to the tissue injury in a lot of human diseases. The review of research has also shown antioxidant effects and longevity of Fullerene Extract C60.

Proposed mechanism also indicates that Fullerene C60 has got an ability of acquiring the positive charge just by absorbing the protons; the complex can enter mitochondria, and leading to decrease in the reactive oxygen species formation. The computer simulations have also shown that Fullerene C60 has an ability of passing through the lipid membranes and enter the cell to alter the functions.

There are a few C60 derivatives formed in the system that are water-soluble as well as non-toxic below the concentrations of 1mg or mL. As per the preliminary research, Fullerene C60 seems to be the potent antioxidant, which removes the toxic metabolic waste as well as free radicals.


  • Reduce oxidative stress & inflammation
  • Promote longevity
  • Protects your skin & nerve cells
  • Kills microbes


  • Long-term safety not known
  • Not yet studied in humans
  • Cause DNA mutations

Health Benefits of Fullerene C60

Can Promote Longevity

The Carboxyl C60 can prevent the nerve cell death of dehydration and amyloid-beta plaques (that cause Alzheimer’s) as well as allowed rats to live eight days longer in 120day lifetime. One more study found that an average lifespan will increase to 5 to 14% even while starting halfway through lives of rats.

Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Elements

The antioxidant such as carboxyl prevented the age-related decline among mice. The Carboxy C60 is much better than ubiquinone for preventing the fat peroxidation as well as iron-induced oxidation of cells. Malonyl-C60 inhibits the nitric oxide synthase, creator of the nitric oxide and in the test-tubes. The water-soluble Fullerene C60 prevents the stress-induced damage as well as breakdown of bones. This prevents loss of the bone cells & bone inflammation in the rabbits. In cell and animal studies, Fullerene C60 prevented stress and age related bone loss just by fighting out the inflammation & oxidative damage.

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