Why need to prefer the free hold office in Singapore?

Now a day’s most of people are showing their interest in starting the business or office in the Singapore, in which some of them are deciding to own a new office building whereas others are in the mindset of renting an office building in the country. Whatever may be the decision but it is very important to check that the rent rate of the office building, whether it is located at center of the city and office area space.

If you are going to  setup a new office then you need to check the land value in the country and also must choose the places which is at center o the city where this is found to be little difficult one because there should be a place in the center of the city. So it is very much better to go with the freehold office for sale Singapore where this is a concern which provides you the service in finding the best office space for you to buy. Moreover they have huge number of clients and they provide the office building space at affordable price and you can get benefitted by hiring their service.

Key benefits of buying the free hold office in Singapore

When you are in need of buying the office space area then it is best to go with the 1commercial space website where they provide you high quality of the service in choosing the best office space area in Singapore according to your requirements. If you are in need of the freehold office for sale Singapore then following are the key benefits which you can get from the commercial space developers.

  • There is no SSD and ABSD unlike the residential property
  • There is a rare opportunity to acquire the free hold office space in the city fringe area and this is because most of the office sale in Singapore have about 99 years tenure period. If you are looking to acquire the office space of your own then it is best to choose outside ERP zones where this service will be also done by the commercial space developers
  • There are no restrictions on the foreign ownership

In Singapore most of the office space area is owned by the corporations or its is used for the REITS investment, when you have a healthy funds and reputed office planning setup then you can easily buy the office space in Singapore with the help of the 1commercialspace developers.

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