How to grow eggplant successfully?

If you love growing some veggies at home, then you should try some different vegetable. Growing eggplants in the garden can be so rewarding when the time comes to harvest these tasty and versatile plants. There are several varieties to choose from with a range of sizes, shapes and colors. By understanding when is eggplant in season, you can ensure a good harvest. If you’re a beginner in gardening and have no idea about growing, then read below to grow and add this beautiful fruit to your garden.

Knowing where to plant eggplant is extremely important. Make sure your transplants are in the spot where they will get full sun. If you are looking for when is eggplant in season, then the answer would eggplant thrives in warm weather. Eggplant prefers a sunny location with well-draining soil, which is rich in organic matter. You should not plant it before the warm weather. It is your responsibility to know the right season that suits for growing any plants.

You should care for the plants throughout the season. Give eggplant a steady supply of moisture, but keep in mind the soil should not get soggy. If you don’t water it properly, then the fruit will be small and bitter. Some prefer small fruits as they have the best taste. Also, frequent harvesting encourages more production. You can wait until each eggplant is a mature size for its variety to harvest. If you need you can also pick that are not fully mature

But don’t let eggplants stay on the plant for a long time, they will not retain their quality. After harvesting, you should not store them for more than a week Eggplants are always better when eaten fresh. You can make multiple dishes using eggplants. It always gives you pleasure when you cook the food using the fruit or vegetable from your garden.