How does Ligandrol function?

By simulating androgen actions at these receptors, ligandrol can help you build lean muscle mass, boost your strength, recover from injuries and exercise more quickly, and generally live a healthier life. Ligandrol has been shown in clinical tests to increase anabolic action in muscles and bones while decreasing muscle loss and bone deterioration in patients with muscular dystrophy, osteoporosis, aging, and cancer. They are orally active, which means they won’t be converted into DHT (a metabolite of testosterone) or aromatized into estrogen, but they are not substrates for CYP19 aromatase or 5 alpha-reductase (unlike testosterone). And unless you want to grow a great pair of man boobs (no thanks), you don’t want too much estrogen swimming about in the male body. But also don’t want an overabundance of male sex hormones to cause issues with your prostate,  read about LGD-4033 more body hair, acne, or overall voice.

LGD-4033 results

Prevents muscle wasting – Losing your muscular gains is the biggest danger of reducing and entering a calorie deficit. LGD-4033 stops muscle deterioration by concentrating on aerobic metabolism (but with none of the androgenic side effects). In one clinical study, LGD-4033 was administered to 76 healthy males in progressively modest dosages over three weeks until they got 1 mg of this SARM daily. This dosage was determined to be secure, well-tolerated, and adequate to boost participants’ lean body mass by up to 3 pounds (as well as increase their physical performance during leg presses). According to different research, taking 22mg of LGD 4033 daily was determined to be safe for users and to have few to no negative effects.

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