0Basics of  Bitcoin for the New User

Being a new user, it is important to get started with the Bitcoin without even understanding any technical details. When you have installed Btc wallet onto your computer and mobile phone, can generate the first Bitcoin address & you may create more when you want one. You may disclose the addresses to friends so they will pay you and vice versa. Actually, it is very similar like how email works, but Bitcoin addresses must be used just once.

Sign up for the Bitcoin Wallet

Before you even buy Bitcoin, first you should download the Bitcoin wallet from the site or using mobile app more. You have to fill out the online form with some basic details in it that must not take two or more minutes. Here is the example of account page for the Bitcoin wallet at Coinbase. Page looks quite similar to the online banking software that is used by many traditional bank customers.


Important Points To Look At

  • For buying Bitcoin, first you should sign up for the Bitcoin wallet.
  • Traditional payment methods like bank transfer, credit card, and debit cards can buy of Bitcoins on the Bitcoin exchange by using the Bitcoin wallet as the depository.
  • Bitcoin experiences the price volatility as well as stay uncertain commodity in the terms of taxation & legality.

Thus, these are a few things that you need to know when  you are talking bitcoin., make sure you put in right details in the form provided.

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